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About Us

LiDR Contract Furniture Ltd began as a small family business manufacturing furniture in 1986. The garage workshop of 20 years ago has now evolved into an impressive premises in the industrial sector of Stoke -on-Trent .

LiDR Contract Furniture Ltd is a UK manufacturer of contract furniture with 30 years experience and one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the UK. Originally in the toy industry, the company diversified into educational furniture early on. Because of the high quality and precision of the components produced, it was a small step from there to becoming a supplier to a wide range of market sectors.  The flexibility of our facility has meant that we have been able to successfully design and manufacture products for schools, colleges, universities, hotels, retail outlets, public sector buildings, healthcare institutions, catalogue companies and one-off bespoke projects as well as offering a CNC machining service for component manufacture.

Despite growing to now occupy a 25000sq feet facility, the company still operates under the core values of a family business, and strives to build healthy and long-standing relationships with our clients all over the UK.

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