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Little Dreams making new jobs

January 04, 2016

Little Dreams Ltd has created three new jobs and secured many more for the future thanks to nearly £350,000 of investment in new plant and equipment. The major investment will bring the firm in line with the most advanced in the country – ‘increasing productivity by up to 50 per cent.’

The latest additions to the facilities complete a five-year plan drafted by the management team in 2010, who set out to create an advanced, flexible factory that could cater for a one off product just as easily as a run of thousands. The aim was for all the elements of the factory to be able to ‘talk to each other’ and be controlled by the same piece of software, something that they have now achieved.

The first element of this year’s upgrades was a robotic warehouse storage system, which took four weeks to install and proved to be a logistical challenge.

Managing Director, Andrew Leake, said: “We effectively had no warehouse facility for a month, but had to fulfil our customer orders as if nothing had changed.

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