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Motorised Desks

Multipurpose use of a room can be difficult to achieve and operate. Motorised desks mean that you can have access to computers when you need them, and can lower them into the desks when you don’t, creating an open workspace.

Each desk we make is bespoke in some way, whether it is the shape, the size or the ICT equipment it must accommodate.

We have developed a number of unique safety features on the units, not least our ‘floating top’ so that any mouse cables etc that are in the way as the desk closes are not damaged, as the top pivots up and away from the obstruction.

Controls are tailored to the client requirements and can be modified so that the rise and fall motion of the desks is controlled using key switch operation by authorised personnel. This means that computers can be available only when required, and are not present to serve as a distraction when they are not.